Essential equipment for Hiking in Alps

While travelling through Europe we went for a seven day hike in the Alps and it was really awesome experience. We had packed our hiking gear and it proved enough for the trip. Just like my wife

Casinos and gambling in Europe

Once my wife sees a casino she cannot resist. She is a compulsive gambler, and believe me she is a good one. While travelling through Europe we came across many casinos and visited quite a few. My

Travelling through Europe in an Auto camper

I had done a tour on my Auto Camper van in Australia and it was very convenient. Australia may be a continent but is a single country. However when I travelled across Europe on my Camper I

Island Casinos in Cyprus

To our surprise, there was a wild world of casinos and gambling all the way down in Cyprus. Tucked in the middle of Aegean Sea off the coast of mainland Turkey, the half-Greek half-Turkish island of Cyprus

Playing Pool in Prague

After our little angst-ridden experience along the coast in Italy, we headed inland. Traveling through some beautiful destinations such as the alps skirting around the Italian and Austrian borders and passing through the Hapsburg capital of Vienna,

A Travel Hiccup along an Italian Highway

The rickety old camper had thus far kept in tact without falling apart or causing too much headache. Getting decent gas mileage as well, we felt entirely on track to see as much of Europe as possible.

Gambling Along the Mediterranean Coastline

In a stark contrast from the North of France, with its age-old beauty and aristocratic aura, we found another feel down south along the Mediterranean Sea. A few words come to mind off the top of my

Continental Europe Awaits

After following Megs advice all throughout the UK, we landed in London for a few days, taking in the sites from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace. London was a wonderful city for each of us. We managed

Gambling Events in the UK

The United Kingdom has so much unexpected capacity for gambling entertainment. You can only see that were you to sincerely travel across all major cities, as well as certain smaller towns that surprisingly have an affection for